Monday, October 19, 2009

Yessy Was Red Hot at the Chile Pepper Festival

Yessy Dominguez medalled at the Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival on Saturday. She came in 15! This was the first time a McDonald County junior high student has medalled there. Also impressive was the girls team sixth place finish! Here is Yessy talking about running.

Also impressive was the junior high boys team finish of ninth!


NZWaikato said...

Yessy coming 15th out of 300 competitors is such an achievement! How long was the distance that the race was? Was it the typical cross country race with hills and obstacles like fences?

Evelyn said...

My name is Evelyn. I'm in 8th grade and I also competed in the race. I got 25th place. The race was 3.1 miles. There was this one hill that seemed forever. We had to go two laps around.

There was this one part that was very muddy. Everyone was cheering for us. I was just happy when the race was over. There was a lot of people vomiting after the race. That was the gross part.

The girls got 6th place and the boys got 9th place. Yessy was the first ever from our team (McDonald County) to get a medal. We were all happy for her. It was also awesome because we could of got free massages and free food and Cendy thought she was in heaven. The best part was when we got to go eat at McDonalds!!!

Leeza said...

15th?? That's quite an achievement. Hi Mr. C! I finally got blogger working but it only works from school. That means I won't be commenting as often as usual but I will check back as much as I can!

NZWaikato said...

Evelyn - thanks for filling in the information in that comment - it really helps me understand about the course, and obviously how proud you were of Yessy, to be the first student from your school to get a medal is great but you also did well to get 25th considering there were 300 students! Great job!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Cendy said...

Yeah go MC!Hey Mr.C thanks for posting our results up on ur awsome blog:) Its true what Evelyn said the course was very hard and lots of parts of the course were very muddy.yuk!lol Anyway its also true that i thought i was in heavan because ther was lots of food and it was all free.jeje! WE the gurls came in 6th and the coaches say it is a very good place to come in especially in the chilli pepper race,but i thought it was bad because usually in every meet we came in 1st place not 6th..?But o well im just glad that we started and we finished.!So guys and girls both high school and jr.high Gongrats:)

Eric Langhorst said...

Congratulatoins Yessy! I wish you continued good luck on both the hills and the classroom.

Eric Langhorst
8th grade History teacher
Liberty, Missouri