Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am on a quest! Mr. Miller has informed his class that class homework ends when his cluster map hits 2500 visits. Since I am a firm believer in 1) Too much homework is way bad and 2) Helping out students with their projects, I decided to make a post. To help out these students simply click here, here, here, or here.

Mr. Miller's class would especially like to have visits from Africa because they are difficult to get. So if you have any friends in Africa, have them click on the link as well.


slondagin said...

I agree that too much homework is too much for our students in the day that we live in. So many will be burned out quickly and the adventure of learning will quit. I also like to see my students do their work in class so I can help them when help is needed. So good luck students! i hope you reach your goal and not have so much homework.
Mrs. Londagin

Agustin said...

Thanyou Mr. C. We realy apriciate that you are helping us get no homework. I wanted to tell you if you can do this. Can you go to Mr. Miller's Blog and tell us how you or youre class made all of those that you even had to use three maps because they were full of hits. If you can just leave a comment on the Pep Rally.

Mr. Miller's

Brenn and Brandon said...

thanks for telling us how you got alot of hits on your blog its helping us alot

AGUSTIN said...

Thanks AGAIN Mr. C for telling us how to get all of those hits and thankyou for putting our blog so the people that go to youre blog could go to our blog.