Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Presentation Software Do's and Don'ts

Here is a Google presentation I created to help you get a basic idea about how to use presentation software to your benefit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Anthony Capps said...

Your example shows this, but it might help to point out that light font on top of dark font usually stands out better

Sue said...

Hi Mr C and Students,

I created a PowerPoint for a presentation and my 17 year old son helped me to editi it using all of the tips that you gave in the presentation. I tend to be a bit wordy even when I know my content really well so I need to be aware of that.I teach kids that learn best visually so I use lots of pictures throughout the presentation but not all on the same slide.
I do get really annoyed when I attend an great oral presentation but find that there is not enough information on the handout of the PP to trigger my own memory regarding what the speaker actually said.
I also hate it when there are too many pointless animations in a PP as I find them really distracting.

Wm Chamberlain said...

@Sue I am shocked ;> that you want hand outs of power points. Honestly, I didn't think about adding the notes to the presentations because I don't use them. I just take notes with my laptop or backchannel. I will keep the notes in mind next time!
Mr. C

Jim Fawcett said...

The power point information was great. To the point and easy to follow. In less than a minute I learned most of what I need to know.

Thank you.