Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Noel History Club Trip to Eureka Springs

The History Club took a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas last Friday. On the itinerary was the ES&NA Railroad. We ate lunch in the dining car and enjoyed a ride on the tracks. Here is a picture of the Lett's waiting for their lunch.

Here is a video of the train pulling in to the station.Although I don't know much about trains, I grew up in Noel which has a train run through the middle of town. Although the train can be a nuisance, it is still really fun to ride in one just like my mother used to do when she would ride from Noel to Kansas City to visit her grandmother.

After the train ride we wandered through the shops in town and enjoyed looking at some of the artwork and architecture of the city.

At night we visited the Crescent Hotel and took the ghost tour. I had taken the tour before so I spent the time watching the students (and some teachers) run around the hallways trying to spook up some ghosts.

Since Eureka Springs is only an hour and a half away from town, it seems a natural place to spend time learning about history and culture. I will definitely make sure to visit more often in the future.


Derrick said...

That sounds really cool I wish Mr. Miller would let us go on a trip like that. What did they do over in Eureka,Springs. If they are still over there can you tell them to go on our blog at www.room25.blogspot.com. P.S im am from mr.millers class

jkmcclung said...

Really glad to see you all are still doing the History Club trips....looks like you had a great time.

Shelby W said...

The place looks amazing but the video i could not understand but funny!