Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3rd and 4th Grade 3D Stuffed Fish Symmetry Project

Mrs. Smith explains the 3D stuffed fish project the third and fourth grade classes did. She had the fourth grade students tie it in to their social studies class by adding Native American designs.

Here are some examples:


Anonymous said...

I really liked this idea, we just finished math symmetry and I know the kids would love this. We just made pinwheels and they used these for rotation symmetry,we planted them on the school plant area in the front of our building. They were built using straws so they planted easily.

Deidra Day said...

I am in Dr.John Strange's technology class for teachers at the University of South Alabama. We are studying the use technology in the classroom. This blog is a very useful way to share ideas and teaching strategies. I love the symmetrical fish. I have learned that the freedom to create is a very effective tool in the classroom.