Sunday, September 20, 2009

Using CoverItLive to Hold a Class Discussion

We are going to use a web based program called CoverItLive to discuss the tools we have learned so far this year. As you can see, the discussion is taking place in the panel below. To add this to your blog you simply sign up for an account at and follow the instructions. The code will be generated for you to add to your blog.

The purpose of this exercise is two-fold. First, I want us to think critically as a group about the uses for the tools we have learned. How can you use these tools in class? How can you use these tools outside of class? Second, I want you to experience discussing something using an online program. We will also discuss how you can use this in and out of class.

The discussion will be moderated so expect some delay between when you enter your text and when it shows up on the page.

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