Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Using Keyboarding to Introduce Important Documents and Literature

I am "teaching" keyboarding this year. Fortunately the program we use, Typing Pal Online, allows me to add my own content. As you can see below I have added some historical documents and some literature.

Obviously, I see this as a way to incorporate more into this class than just the skill of keyboarding. We also apply our skills on Wednesday and participate in #Comments4Kids, a twitter meme. What other ways can we make keyboarding more engaging to our students?

This post was inspired by my friend Hadass Eviatar, lionsima on Twitter. I was talking about how my students were asking what a Jabberwock was and she found me the picture included in Lewis Carrol'sThrough the Looking Glass. Here is a link to the poem Jabberwocky. Here is the picture she referred to:


Sue said...

I love the Jabberwocky poem. I remember how much I enjoyed learning it at school and 'made' both of my own kids present it at school when they were doing oral presentations in class.It's tough being a teacher's kid!


Colin G. said...

Hi from Hong Kong!

I am looking in to purchasing Typing Pal online for our Elementary School here. Our main aim is to develop keyboarding skills at first.
Thought on the website? Good for early grades too?

Wm Chamberlain said...

@Colin Typing Pal serves its purpose. It has three class settings with one being for younger students. It is pretty easy to navigate too. The best part about it is the ability to add your own text (as my post showed.) It might be fun to introduce some nursery rhymes to the students, especially since so many of my students don't have any knowledge of them at all.