Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#Comments4Kids Wednesday for September 23

Once again it is time for #Comments4Kids where we have the privilege of reading blog posts from around the world and leaving comments. Today we will be looking at blog posts from Qatar and Iowa. We also will have a chance to leave a comment on one of our own student's blog.

My Digital Media student of the week is Mikayla. Here is a link to her blog. Look at the activities she has done in the last month and leave her a nice comment on one of her posts.

Dear Kaia Kaia's first photo album with commentary. Her father is the awesome teacher, Jabez Raisdan.

From Mr. Goerend's post: "We are beginning a descriptive writing piece. Today, students worked on choosing a topic. We will be focusing on using details and sensory words in their writing to aid the reader in painting a mental picture. We will also work on organization."

Obviously, this means we should read the posts looking for details and sensory words. I am sure the students would like to have comments specifically on that part of their writing.

Mr. Goerend's Classroom: First 20 Pick 2
Mr. Goerend's Classroom: Second 20 Pick 2
Mr. Goerend's Classroom: Third 7 Pick 1

Please make your comments positive and relevant. If you need to criticize, do so in a constructive way. Remember, we want to encourage writing, not discourage it.

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Jabiz Raisdana said...

Thanks guys for great comments. I have written about the experience here:

I hope to hear your thoughts there as well.