Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4th Grade Under the Sea Creatures Made Using Pastels

Mrs. Smith explains how her students created emphasis using chalk pastels to create sea creatures.

Here are some examples.


MikeGras said...

You guys have this drawing thing down. I am crazy for sea creatures and seeing them drawn so nicely makes me want to study them even more. Thank you all for the inspiration.

Michael Gras

sue said...

Hi guys,
We use chalk pastels a lot in our class. The only problem is that most of the art ends up on our shirts! Your pictures look great.
Sue :)

Scott S. Floyd said...

I've never been THAT good at art. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Hi guys,
Sat up in bed with my lap top and watched your live stream on Wednesday at 11:56 pm my time. It was great to see something other than a blackened room for a change. Everyone looked busy!