Friday, September 11, 2009

Fellowship of Christian Atheletes Comes to Noel

Friday we had our first FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, meeting. FCA is a school club that helps Christian students fellowship with each other. The clubs usually meet before or after school. Here is a link to the FCA website.


ateachingheart said...

Thank you for visiting our blog. We will be visiting your blog often. We think the meeting you had sounds interesting. We liked your thoughtful comments to Caroline, Bryce, Summer and Maddie. You made us feel special when you commented on our blog.

Mrs. Hake's class

Bonnie = room 10 mis said...

WOW!!! this is such a great way to communicate with each other wish my class could do this but we are always on the move good luck with it all.

Bonnie = Room 10 .M.I.S.
New Zealand

Wm Chamberlain said...

@ateachingheart It is a pleasure to visit your blog and comment on your posts!

@Bonnie Thank you for the comment.