Monday, January 23, 2023

Bill of Rights


  • How does the Bill of Rights help the government balance the rights and order in the US political system?
  • Vocabulary Day 1: civil law, double jeopardy, criminal law, defendant, majority rule, due process, grand jury, eminent domain
  • Vocabulary Day 2: indictment, jury, probable cause, prosecution, protest, seizure, self-incrimination, warrant
  • Rights Before the Revolution
  • Protecting the People
  • Personal Liberty
  • Rights of the Accused
  • Limited Government
  • Why were Americans fearful of a strong central government?
  • How did the Bill of Rights calm people's fears about a strong central government?
  • How does the Bill of Rights protect personal freedom?
  • How does the Bill of Rights protect against abuse of the justice system
  • How does the Bill of Rights limit the power of the central government?
  • Assessment

Human Environment Interactions in Europe Part 1


  • How have environmental resources and limitations shaped European life?
  • How are the Europeans using natural resources to meet their needs?
  • How have Europeans modified their environment to meet their needs?

Biomes and Population Density of Europe


  • How are the ecosystems Europe affected by the physical landforms?
  • How does the physical landforms of Europe influence population density?
  • What landforms affect the biomes in Europe?
  • How is population density influenced by landforms?
  • How is the population density influenced by climate?
  • Class discussion

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Fascism in Europe

As we watch today's video and define the vocabulary words, think about the rise of fascism in Europe. Could this happen in the United States today? What techniques did the fascists employ to become popular with the people of their countries?


  • How did Fascism rise in Europe?


  • Review Walt Disney's reasons for going to South America during World War 2 



  • How do fascists rise to power?
  • What led people to embrace fascism in Europe in the 20th century?
  • Who is Benito Mussolini?


  • Vocabulary
  1. fascism 
  2. socialism 
  3. Holocaust
  4. concentration camp
  5. economy
  6. fanaticism
  7. nationalism
  8. racism

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Political and Climate Map of Europe

Today we will be looking at the countries and capitals of Europe. I want us to focus on how the physical geography of Europe has affected the political boundaries of the countries as well as how they have affected the placement of the major cities.

Today's video will be over Southeast England and we will be learning about some interesting history of the area. We might even learn about one of the most infamous murders in England's history!

  • What are the countries and capitals of Europe?
  • Are the political boundaries in Europe affected by the physical landforms?
  • What do you notice about the majority of major cities in Europe (think water this time)?
  • How does climate affect where cities/capitals are located?
  • Classroom Discussion of questions. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


  • Why do we have a national holiday for MLK Jr?


  • Vocabulary Review
  • Bigotry
  • Children’s Crusade of 1963
  • Complicit
  • Exonerate
  • Freedom Rides
  • Ideology
  • Infallible
  • Injunction
  • Jim Crow


  • Voices of Civil Rights Video (44:20)

Explain: Questions take from:

  1. How has this documentary made you think differently
    about the civil rights era?
  2. In what ways does this program affect your views of history and the
    ways it should be told?
  3. How do you define civil rights? In light of your answer, what would you say are the beginning
    and ending dates of the civil rights era in the United States?
  4. Some of the interviewees implied that during the civil rights era “there were two Americas.”
    Do you think this is an accurate description?
  5. How do the interviewees in this film describe their experiences as students during integration?
  6. How does the social climate of your school compare/contrast to that of public schools during
  7. How does the theme of forgiveness appear in the stories?
  8. In what tangible ways can you see the impact of the civil rights era in your community?
  9. Historians often ensure historical accuracy via fact-checking. How could someone ensure the
    stories in this film are accurate? How is fact-checking for oral history similar to the process for
    printed documents? How does it differ?
  10. Why are some “voices” readily heard in the historical record while others are not? In what ways
    can historians seek out unheard voices?
  11. The stories in this program will be archived at the Library of Congress. What are some steps
    and technologies we can use to preserve these stories for future generations?


  • Class Discussion of questions

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Victorian Slum House

Victorian Slum House is a reality show created by the British Broadcasting Company in 2016 to show how people lived in a slum in London during the time from 1860-1900. 

As we continue to migrate from South America to Europe we can learn a little about England here as well as review a few lessons from the social-emotional learning we have been learning in the mornings. 

As you watch this show think about life during this time. How does it compare to your life today? In what ways is your life better? In what ways is it not as good?


  • Episode 13 Horrible Histories Victorian Slum Children Factory Work/Victorian Suffragette  (18:10-23:31) 


  • Victorian Slum House video (54:36) AppleTV


  • Define: slum, outhouse, dosshouse, on the tick, piece work
  • Why do people live in the slum?
  • What problems do the people face?
  • How can the people become successful?
  • How is your life different from the children in the show? Create a 'T' Chart to compare the kids lives in the show and the students' lives today.


  • Vocabulary
  • Class Discussion


  • The rest of the series is online.

EQ: What lessons we learned from SEL are reinforced by watching Victorian Slum House?


Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Shay's Rebellion

Shays' Rebellion - Wikipedia
Shay's Rebellion


  •  How did Shay's Rebellion hasten the move to a new constitution?


  • Shay's Rebellion: America's First Civil War (!0 Days Series) DVD


  • What caused Shay's Rebellion?
  • What was the effect of the rebellion?
  • What happened to Daniel Shay?



Rick Steves' Day

  Today we are going to be watching some Rick Steves videos. The first is about Norway. How is this country like Denmark? How is it different?

Next we will watch a fun little video about five very small countries in Europe. Why do you think these countries still exist? I bet we can figure it out together. 

The last video today is on Portugal's capital city, Lisbon. Portugal has very important ties to the Americas, Do you know any of them? I will give you a hint, one country in South America speaks Portuguese!

  • What can we learn about Norway?
  • What can we learn about Portugal?
  • Why are there micro-countries in Europe?
  • How is Norway like and unlike Denmark?
  • Why is Portugal important to the Americas?
  • Why are there micro-countries in Europe?

  • Worksheet

Monday, January 09, 2023

Map of Europe Part 2

Today we are going to continue to make a physical copy of the physical map of Europe. 

We will be using this as a reference as we explore Europe's climate, population, biomes, and more. How important is the physical geography of a continent?

Today's Rick Steve's video is on the Scottish Highlands. Do you remember where Scotland is on the map?


  • What are the physical landforms in Europe?
  • How does the landforms in Europe affect its history, economics, and population density?
  • Copy the physical landform map.