Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Three Century Woman: A Classroom Discussion

Here is the class discussion we had about the story The Three Century Woman. This does not include specific skill and comprehension questions. Instead the goal was to help the students make connections between the story and what they already know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I really enjoyed listening to your Vocaroo. It's a great way to share your learning!
Thanks for the visit Mr C. We had a great time at the pool. It will be Summer again for you soon and we will be freezing cold. Well, no, not really because it only gets as low as about 16C here in the Winter. It is Autumn now and we can still swim. It rained for about 2 hours this afternoon and we all got very excited because we have been in drought for years. It doesn't rain ofte and doesn't usually rain for that long here now. The kids thought it was great to be able to watch a video in the dark, during the day, without having the curtaims drawn because they haven't had that expereince very often in their life time.