Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Into the Woods (2014)

Into the Woods (2014) is a movie based on a stage musical of the same name written by Stephen Sondheim. This is an amalgamation of classic fairy tales with the outcomes being much more like the original tales than the Disneyfied versions we may be more used to.

Whenever I watch this film with students I enjoy the surprise that they have to the end. We so rarely see the fairy tale end badly that when it does happen, it has a real impact. As you watch this film, identify as many fairy tales as you can. What happens to the characters in the movie compared to their stories as you know them. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Canadian Vacation

Mr. C is wanting to visit Canada next summer. He wants you to come up with an itinerary for the trip. His only instruction to you is he wants to see the real Canada, not the one portrayed in movies like Strange Brew!!!'

You will need to come up with 6 places Mr C absolutely, positively, without a doubt must visit while there.  Oh, and he wants it done by the end of class next Wednesday. 

After watching the video above, what other sources will you use to to find information about 'must do' places in Canada? Here are some of Mr. C's suggestions:

1) Do a Google search of places to visit in Canada.
2) Do a Youtube search of places to visit in Canada.
3) Ask around to see if anyone has visited Canada, and ask them.
4) Ask Mr. C if he knows someone who might be willing to to answer some of your questions about Canada. (Don't wait until Friday) 
5) Visit the library, maybe they have some of those old things called 'books' that might have some information.
6) Check Wikipedia, maybe they have some good information.
7) Do a search for the Canadian Visitors Bureau. 
8) Sit around until Friday and write down any junk you think of. (This one is probably not a very good suggestion, but you know how Mr. C likes to joke.)

Mr. C has worksheet for you to use to gather information. 

Assignment Requirements

  1. Find the 6 most Canadian places for Mr. C to visit.
  2. Use this worksheet to gather your information.
  3. Write down each place with your explanation of why he should visit there.
  4. Add some pictures of each place. Mr. C does require you to cite where you get the picture from and to make sure the picture you picked is copyrighted so that you can use it legally. Creative Commons has a search engine you might want to use https://search.creativecommons.org/
  5. Hyperlink the address where the picture came from.
  6. Create a Google Slideshow using this template 
  7. Share your slideshow with Mr. C when completed
  8. Make sure it is finished on Wednesday. Late work will be accepted, but you will have to do it on your time. Class moves on!

EQ: Where are the most 'Canadian' places to visit in Canada?

  • Students will identify a variety of sources to gather information from with an eye on tourism.
  • Possible choices would be visitor bureaus, wikipedia, youtube etc.
  • On a document, take notes with links to original sites.
  • Name 6 places that epitomize Canada and explain why.
  • Identify pictures to share and create hyperlinks 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jefferson City 8th Grade Trip

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Jefferson City to visit the state capitol and the now closed state penitentiary.


Let's first watch this video on the history of the building. If you pay attention you may be able to answer some of the tour guide's questions and look really smart!

Next is a video on the symbolic meanings of the Missouri state flag and the Missouri seal. In it you will learn about the colors of the flag and the reason we have grizzly bears all over the seal.

One of the most interesting parts of the capitol is the artwork that you find inside. We have two videos that talk about the artwork. While you are there you will tour the artwork with the guide and these videos will give you some insight into them.

Below is a photo of the Missouri State Penitentiary which is now closed. Listen carefully to the tour guides to learn the history of the site. 


EQ: Why should we take a field trip to Jefferson City?

  •  Tomorrow is the field trip.
  • What is the purpose of the state capitol?
  • What are some interesting facts about the capitol?
  • What should we learn about the penitentiary?


Monday, November 11, 2019

Road to Revolution

After examining the role of the Seven Years War in the last lesson, today your job is to find out how other events continued to pave a path to independence. I have identified fifteen events that I want you to research. Tell me what happened and why it is important to the Revolution. 

You will click on the link to the worksheet, put in your name, and start researching the events. All fifteen events need to be completed, you need to work with a purpose. 

As a bonus, if we have time you will make a digital timeline of the events as well. Of course, you only get to do that after the worksheet has been completed. See me when you think you are ready to do it. 

EQ: What events led to the American Revolution?

  •  Quick review of the Seven Years War
  •  How did each event lead us closer to the American Revolution?

Mary Poppins (1964)

The story of the film Mary Poppins is really the story of how hard it can be to bring a novel to the screen. The differences between the Disney company and PL Travers are well documented and even, strangely enough, became a Disney film itself, Saving Mr. Banks.

There were over 30 songs written for the film, with most not making it into the soundtrack. That means only the best of the best made it in. So, for this film we will focus on the music. Identify the song you like best, the song you think moves the story forward the best, and the song you (or the film) could do without. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

The Invisible Man (1933)


Does the drug make him crazy or just allow his crazy to 'show through?' That is the real question I am left after watching The Invisible Man (1933). How do you make the star of the movie invisible and continue to move the plot along while seeing nobody? The special effects in this movie at the time were state of the art.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Mapping Canada

For this activity, we will be making a couple maps of Canada. We are going to be creating a political, physical, and climate map. First, let's watch this EPCOT video from the Canada Pavilion:

Now that you get a feel for the 'flavor' of Canada, let's do a little learning about the country. You will be given two maps of Canada. The first map you will color the climate zones of Canada and create a key which will let me know what the colors represent.

Next you will color and label a landform map. Make sure you include all of the places I identify on the checklist

Finally, you will be given a transparency sheet and a wet erase marker. You will place the transparency on top of the landform map and label the capitals, provinces and territories. 

  • What are the major climate areas of Canada?
  • What are the major landforms of Canada?
  • What are the provinces, territories and capitals of Canada?
  • Where are the provinces and territories in Canada?
  • Where are the capital cities in Canada? 
  • What/Where are the physical landforms of Canada
  • What climate zones do you find in Canada?
  • Label the capitals of Canada.
  • Draw and label the physical landforms.
  • Color and label the climate zones.
  • Checklist to use

Monday, November 04, 2019

The Mummy (1932)


This version of The Mummy (1932) is another classic that probably has had fewer views than we would expect. I also happen to think out of the four Universal classic horror movies that this one is the best. Interestingly enough, there was never an actual sequel to this movie. There were a couple reboots, most notably the 2017 version starring Tom Cruise which doesn't resemble this movie in any noticeable way. It also isn't as good as the original. 

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Seven Years War AKA the French and Indian War

Now that we have a pretty good handle on what it was like to be an early colonist in the Americas, lets jet ahead a few years and look at the first defining event in the American Revolution.

Why is this the first defining event? Watch and see.

Here is a little more information on the Seven Years War with a little lagniappe thrown in. What new information is provided? Does that also move us closer to the Revolution?

What does smuggling have to do with taxes? What does taxes have to do with the American Revolution? What other events took place that bring us to the Revolution?

  • How did the 7 Years War contribute to the unrest in the colonies?
  • Why was smuggling so important to the colonists?
  • Why did the colonists not want to pay taxes?
  • None
  • What caused the war?
  • How did the war end?
  • What were the consequences of the war on the colonies?
  •  Worksheet

Dracula (1931)


The second movie in the Universal Studios horror movie series we will be watching is Dracula. It does follow the book much more closely than Frankenstein (1931) did. 

As you watch notice the obvious transitioning from silent to talkies, there are still lots of long periods with no dialogue and close ups of the actors to convey mood. 

Are you surprised about how tame this movie is? Why would audiences 80 years ago feel any terror from this film?