Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Online Battleship Game

Victorian Slum House

Victorian Slum House is a reality show created by the British Broadcasting Company in 2016 to show how people lived in a slum in London during the time from 1860-1900. 

As we continue to migrate from South America to Europe we can learn a little about England here as well as review a few lessons from the social-emotional learning we have been learning in the mornings. 

As you watch this show think about life during this time. How does it compare to your life today? In what ways is your life better? In what ways is it not as good?



  • Victorian Slum House video (54:36) Amazon Prime


  • Define: slum, outhouse, dosshouse, on the tick, piece work
  • Why do people live in the slum?
  • What problems do the people face?
  • How can the people become successful?
  • How is your life different from the children in the show? Create a 'T' Chart to compare the kids lives in the show and the students' lives today.


  • Vocabulary
  • Class Discussion


  • The rest of the series is online.

EQ: What lessons we learned from SEL are reinforced by watching Victorian Slum House?


Friday, December 08, 2023

Rick Steves European Christmas


Today we will look at some of the Christmas traditions as celebrated in different countries in Europe. It is very interesting to compare how we in the US or even in our own house celebrate Christmas with how it is celebrated in other cultures. 

EQ: What are some Christmas traditions in Europe?


  • What traditions do your family have this time of year?
  • If you don't celebrate Christmas, are there other holidays you celebrate during this time?
  • Do any of you not celebrate during this time of year?



  • Do these traditions look like your traditions?
  • Which traditions would you like to do?
  • Which traditions are you glad you don't do?


  • Class discussion

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Articles of Confederation

  • How well did the Articles of Confederation meet the needs of the new nation?
  • Were the Articles successful?
  • What were the weaknesses of the Articles?
  • How did Shay's Rebellion doom the Articles?
  •  Assessment

Monday, December 04, 2023

The Revolution Chapter 2

The History Channel Presents: The Revolution [DVD] : Peter Schnall, Gregory  Henry: Movies & TV -

EQ: What was the outcome of some of the earliest battles in the American Revolution?

 Engage: Vocabulary

  • Ambivalent


    Cambridge, MA









  • The Revolution Chapter 2 Forming an Army (DVD)


  1. Why was Fort Ticonderoga so important to both the British and the Continental Armies? Who won the battle to control it in May 1775?
  2. What information would you use to make predictions about the


  3. Who is Ethan Allen? What role did he have in the battles of 1775?

  4. What was the conflict between Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold?
  5. What happened at the Battle of Lexington and Concord? Why is it so famous?
  6. Why was Benedict Arnold so well-respected? Where did he come from?


Inca: Island in the Sky

Inca Island in the Sky - YouTube


  • How did the Inca culture develop in Peru?


  • None


  • Vocabulary CeremonialTerracePlazaMasonryLidarAnomaly
  • Inca Island in the Sky 45:00) Lost Cities with Albert Lin National Geographic Disney+


  •  When was Machu Picchu built?
  • What is the name of the language the Incas used?
  • What evidence are they looking for on top of the hill?
  • What are chullpas?
  • What shape of chullpas made the archaeologists believe they were Incan?
  • What was at the heart of Incan life?
  • What is the name of the volcano Albert Lin investigates?