Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paul Revere is not a Horse

Paul Revere was made famous for his "Midnight Ride". Read the poem then you can go to his Wikipedia page to learn more about him. After you read about him, check out this video. Then read this excerpt from:


By Charles Gettemy

"Most men like Revere--- somewhat above the average of the mass, but not possessing the usual elements of enduring fame-- pass out of life eulogized by their fellow-citizens; remembered by a circle of admiring and respecting friends until they also pass away; and are ultimately forgotten, finding no place upon the pages of written history.Â

"Paul Revere was rescued from this fate by an accident-- the witchery of a poet's Imagination. His famous ride on the night of the 18th of April, 1775, remained unsung, if not unhonored, for eighty-eight years, or until Longfellow in 1863 made it the text for his Landlord's Tale in the Wayside Inn.

"It is to Longfellow's simple and tuneful ballad that most persons undoubtedly owe their knowledge of the fact that a man of the name of Revere really did something on the eve of the historic skirmish at Lexington which is worth remembering."

Does our society honor Paul Revere as the great hero, or does our society honor the real Paul Revere who simply did his job? Explain your opinion.


Anonymous said...

I think that people think of Paul Revere as a Famous Hero for going to Lexington and supposedly going to Conquor. I think this because the fact that when we study it that all we talk about is that he went to Conquor on the Midnight ride of Paul Revere.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rever is a historical figure inour city Noel. Paul Rever is not famous for the ride he made but for the pome that got rought about him.

Anonymous said...

The society honors Paul Revere as a great hero because they needed a hero.

Anonymous said...

Paul Revere ia a historical figure. But he is not famous. there's a peom about him. but he is not famous.

Anonymous said...

Paul Revere is a historical figure. People think Paul Revere is famous for the poem they wrote about him.

Anonymous said...

Paul Revere is one of the many heros during the revolutionary war he rised his life for the colonist.

Anonymous said...

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