Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eric Langhorst- Missouri Teacher of the Year

Our class was honored by a visit from a distinguished educator, Eric Langhorst. Mr. Langhorst visited our classroom because he enjoys following our class blog.

While here, he recorded a question and answer session that he hopes to turn into a podcast. The students asked him many different types of questions, some about school and some more personal.

I had a very interesting discussion with him about the use of technology in the classroom. I can say after meeting him that Missouri is well represented by Eric.

Here are links to two of his blogs: Speaking of American History 2007/2008 Missouri Teacher of the Year

Here is a link to the podcast Eric recorded while in the classroom.

This is one reason why we blog. It allows us to meet great people!

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Eric Langhorst said...

Thanks so much again for letting me drop in on your class. I enjoyed meeting you all after following you on your blog. Last night I posted some pictures and a podcast about the visit. Have a great rest of the year and keep doing an awesome job.

Eric Langhorst