Monday, December 08, 2008

Art and Math

Whenever there is an opportunity to combine two of our disciplines together, the fifth grade teachers jump at the chance. While art is easily combined with both science and social studies, it is often harder to integrate into math. Here is an excellent activity that can be used to tie the two together. Each picture is created by polygons. The student identifies the correct polygon, then they use the polygons to create a piece of art.

I believe that they could be considered part of the Dada movement. What art movement would you consider these pieces to be part of?


Anonymous said...

Love these geometric collages. They remind me a little of Malevich - a Russian painter/artist. Google image search here

from Mr F in New Zealand.

Tamaki College said...

these look really cool guys. I always think that maths fits in with graphics ( i would as i am a graphics teacher !!! ) but seeing it in art is great. Well done.
Miss Ferguson
Tamaki College, Auckland, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think it would qualify as "Dada". Its a great idea to present the work using this format, and once again a model of how to share a lesson with a wider audience. The kind of excellence that you expect from this blogsite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.C,

Those works of art were fantastic! I hope to be an artist when I grow up or maybe an architect. I'm really into drawing and designing.

P.S. Now that your say it, I really do think my sculpture looks like George Washington's face. Thanks!