Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand Earthquake

Photo by Geoftheref
Two days ago there was a huge earthquake in New Zealand. Here is a link to the Google News page with the latest information. Find two disparate articles (double click on disparate if you don't know what it means) to write a summary about. Make sure you use the 5W's and H to do the summaries so you don't miss reporting any information. Also, remember to hyperlink back to the original stories. If you don't remember how to hyperlink, ask another student.

If you would like to add a picture or two to your posts, geoftheref has several Creative Commons licensed pictures from the quake.  You must give attribution to geoftheref if you use his pictures. Notice how I attributed the picture above. That is an acceptable way to attribute a picture. The link for the picture takes you to the page I downloaded it from. The link to geoftheref takes you to his profile page on Flickr.

If you need to, you can list the 5W's and H like I have below on your post, but write the summary.


As usual make sure you have the words spelled correctly. :)

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Kelly said...

Hello, my name is Kelly.
My class is also doin some work about the Christchurch earthquake.
Keep up the choice work.

Rm8 Melville Intermediate
Hamilton, New Zealand