Friday, September 30, 2011

Bean Project Write Up/ Plans for the Week of October 3

Here is this week's plan. Along with today's lesson. Take a look at what you will be doing this week. I would love feedback from you. If you see something I should add or change you can leave a comment on the post or even leave a comment on actual plan. If you leave a comment, leave your first name so that we can discuss it later :) Here is the link to this weeks lesson plans.

Today you will finish writing up your lab posts from the Bean Project. You will need to make sure you address all of these parts:

  1. Problem
  2. Background Knowledge
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Materials 
  5. Method
  6. Experiment
  7. Collect Data
  8. Conclusion
  9. Questions for Extensions
As usual make sure your conventions are good.  After you have finished, let me look at them before you publish so I can approve them.

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