Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If You Designed Your Classroom, What Would It Look Like?

For today (and maybe for the next few days) I want you to think critically about what learning should look like and be like. While you are moving on to the high school next year, you still have a lot of background knowledge about school here. Here is what I want you to consider:

  • What worked for you in the classroom? What didn't?
  • What would you have changed? How would you change it?
  • What was it that you learned that was really important and needs to continue to be taught?
  • What was taught you did not need to learn?
  • What furniture arrangements worked well for you, if any?
  • How would your dream classroom look? What kind of furniture, technology, ect.?
  • How would your dream school look? What would it have?
  • What kind of instruction did you learn best from? Do you prefer lecture, reading, worksheets, activities, projects, other ways?

The assignment is  (choose one):
  1. Design a classroom, from furniture to curriculum, that you would want to spend 174 days in next year.
  2. Design a school that you would want to spend the next four years in. (include classes, common areas, etc.)
I want you to create a physical representation of the classroom/school. I want you to design the classes/subjects you would learn and include major learning objectives for them.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Think critically about what would be the best learning environment for you.
  2. Design your ideal learning space.
  3. Share your thoughts with others.

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Anonymous said...

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