Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Building Bridges

A couple students caught me playing X Construct on my phone during lunch today and wanted to play themselves. I told them I would find a PC equivalent so they could try it out on their own. Here is one I found called Bridge Building Game. The purpose of the game is to construct a bridge that will allow the lemming like pink dinosaurs to cross safely across a chasm.

 Here are links to similar games:

Cargo Bridge


paige said...

I've never played this game but I will play it some day.

Anonymous said...

I think all the games are really hard, but they're fun.

Anonymous said...

I like this post but the link doesn't work. The only one that works is the BridgeCraft one.
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Bea said...

I've played this game before, it was really challenging. I was really stumped at first, but then I got some advice from my classmates and they said, "Think triangles."

-Bea (http://beab3.wordpress.com/)

Anonymous said...

because if we didn't have fraction we wouldn't be good at math and other subject and wouldn't be smart

Franky pulido <f