Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ukulele Club's First Performance

Here is the first public performance of our new ukulele club. We are playing Mele Kalikimaka at our annual Christmas program. The students have only been playing for a month and I am very pleased with their progress. 

If you are interested they are playing the Kala LU-21 soprano ukulele and I am playing a Boulder Creek spruce top tenor.


Bryan Jackson said...

Rock on Uke Club! Love the relaxed (and dare I say tropical) feel to this cover. Keep it up - look forward to seeing you guys (and gals) progress!

Unknown said...

Nicely done for only practicing for a month! Rock on! I used to dance hula for 15 years and this was one of the songs we danced to during the month of December for our holiday shows...so I know it when I hear it. :-)