Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Questions About Canada

My class is teaming up with a pre-service teacher, Dylan Longmoore, from the University of Regina in Canada. We just finished reading the book Hatchet by Gary Paulson in which the main character of the story, Brian Robeson, is plane wrecked in the Canadian wilderness. I thought this might be a great opportunity for Mr. Longmoore to respond to some of my students' questions about Canada.

Jasmin asks:

  • Do you have really bad storms in Canada? (In the book Brian lives through a tornado.)
  • Has anyone gotten attacked by a moose? (Brian is attacked by a moose.)
Madison asks:
  • Do people get lost in the Canadian wilderness?
Katy asks:
  • Is there a lot of moose in Canada?
  • Are there a lot of bear attacks in Canada? (Brian is almost attacked by a bear.)
Lauren asks:
  • What kind of animals are in Canada?
  • What is it like to be lost in the woods in Canada?
Briana asks:
  • Do you think somebody could live in the Canadian wilderness for a year with just the clothes they are wearing and a hatchet?
Heuchi asks:
  • What animals are hunted in Canada?
  • What foods do Canadians eat?
Several students asked about the weather and climate in Canada. There were also more questions about hunting and fishing. 

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Levi said...

Hi my name is Levi and I think your questions to Canada are really cool .My favourite is the question "Do you have bad storms in Canada[from the story Brian lives through a tornado .My class rooms page has interacted with Canada .I am looking foward to coming back to your page to see what Canada have said .
From Levi
Melville Intermediate
New Zealand