Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Kayla's Youtube Video for American History

Kayla rewrote the lyrics to Men at Work's Who Can It Be Now and created a youtube video. How did you complete the assignment? Will we see your work of art online too?


Holly from Orlando said...

I am LOVING this, Kayla. You have identified some universal themes in this song, and reinterpreted the song to teach a bit of American history. So cool.

The video is very well done--the pictures change exactly in time with the music (not always easy to do). I especially appreciated the slide about listening to the sax--I HEARD it because of the slide. I'm wondering what program you used to make the video--perhaps Microsoft Movie Maker?

My only suggestion to improve it a bit would be to add some credits. I'd like to know the name of the musical group/singer; and YOUR name should be listed as the director. Blow your own horn on this. You did a GREAT job.

(BTW, I am a language arts teacher from Florida)

Mrgeocjhs said...

Kayla, I was wondering if I could steal you away and come teach my 8th grade Technology class how you made this video. I am amazed!!!!

Unknown said...


This video is great! My fifth grade class is learning about Columbus right now. This would be perfect! Did you create this through Animoto or some other program?

Wm Chamberlain said...

Debra, I think Kayla made this using Widnows Movie Maker.

Tracy Watanabe said...

Hi Kayla,

I'm echoing the above accolades to you, and think Holly has a great idea about adding credits.

I like the creativity you used in your social studies assignment, and the fact that it's shared online.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Watanabe