Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Which Right is Right? Kennewick Man

Essential Question: 

  1. Should scientists be allowed to study the remains of indigenous peoples?


  • What would you think if a scientist dug up the remains of your ancestor?
  • On occasion, archaeologists have dug up the remains of ancient Native Americans. Should scientists be allowed to study these remains? Native Americans feel such remains should be immediately reburied according to Native American customs. Scientists worry that if reburied, the remains will deteriorate and lose their value for present and future scientific study.


  • Discover Magazine: The Earliest Immigrants video (25:02)



  • How did this story evolve over time?
  • What eventually happened to Kennewick Man?
  • What should have been done with the remains?
  • What would you want to have done with the remains if they were your ancestor?
  • According to the map below, what indigenous people group use to live here in southwest Missouri? 
  • What should you do if you find the remains of an indigenous person?



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