Thursday, September 05, 2019

Purpose and Form of Government (1.2) Day 1

Essential Questions:

  • What is the purpose of government?
  • What are the different kinds of government?
  • What are the characteristics of different kinds of government?


    • Take Me To Your Leader (2) Read the passage  
    • A Social Contract (3) Read the passage and do Hobbes vs. Locke: Venn Diagram worksheet.
    • The American Experiment (4) Read the passage.
    • What Is the Purpose? (5) Read the passage. Watch the videos. Do the Preamble Matching activity. 
    • Defining a Government (6) Read the passage and do Forms of Government: Main Idea Web worksheet.
    1. Write the definitions of the vocabulary words (those in blue with links to explanation page) using your own words. Do not copy the definitions
    2. Draw a picture of the vocabulary word. 
    3. Use the vocabulary word in a sentence that shows understanding of the content you are learning. 


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