Friday, April 09, 2021

People and Culture of North Africa and Southwest Asia


EQ: How have religious and ethnic differences influenced life in Southwest Asia and North Africa?




  • What made Southwest Asia and North Africa and important area for trade?
  • How did Judaism begin?
  • How did Christianity become the world's largest religion?
  • How did Islam become the dominant religion in the region?
  • What are the roots of the conflict in Israel?
  • What conflicts exist within Islamic communities?
  • What are the cultural elements that unite North Africa and Southwest Asia?
  • How do ethnicities and languages unite and divide the region?
  • How have ethnic differences led to conflict in the Kurdish regions of Southwest Asia?


  • Vocabulary
  1. fertile
  2. Gaza Strip
  3. Nile River
  4. Dead Sea
  5. Golan Heights
  6. Sahara
  7. Giza
  8. Black Sea
  9. Fertile Crescent
  10. Sumer
  11. Mecca
  12. Tigris and Euphrates River
  13. Aswan Dam
  14. West Bank
  15. Mesopotamia
  16. Sinai Peninsula
  17. Silk Road
  18. Mansa Musa
  19. Nubia
  20. Babylon

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