Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Victorian Slum House

Victorian Slum House is a reality show created by the British Broadcasting Company in 2016 to show how people lived in a slum in London during the time from 1860-1900. 

As we continue to migrate from South America to Europe we can learn a little about England here as well as review a few lessons from the social-emotional learning we have been learning in the mornings. 

As you watch this show think about life during this time. How does it compare to your life today? In what ways is your life better? In what ways is it not as good?


  • Episode 13 Horrible Histories Victorian Slum Children Factory Work/Victorian Suffragette  (18:10-23:31) 


  • Victorian Slum House video (54:36) AppleTV


  • Define: slum, outhouse, dosshouse, on the tick, piece work
  • Why do people live in the slum?
  • What problems do the people face?
  • How can the people become successful?
  • How is your life different from the children in the show? Create a 'T' Chart to compare the kids lives in the show and the students' lives today.


  • Vocabulary
  • Class Discussion


  • The rest of the series is online.

EQ: What lessons we learned from SEL are reinforced by watching Victorian Slum House?


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