Monday, January 28, 2008

My Weekend

I spent most of this weekend reflecting on my teaching and how to become more involved in reflection (looking back and evaluating myself). I did some surfing to find teachers that do this on their blogs but had a hard time finding any. Mostly, I find teachers or instructional technology professionals writing about big picture ideas. I wanted to find people talking about what they do in their classroom and how it worked. I decided to ask on my Ning site Classroom 2.0. Here is the link to the discussion page. Mathew Needleman posted his site Creating Lifelong Learners and Teaching in the Inner City. Both of these teachers work in the Los Angeles area. I added both sites to my Bloglines feed.

Next I checked my Twitter page to see what was going on and I noticed Jeff Utecht writing that his classes had been canceled for tomorrow because of snow. His post was at 1:00 A.M. Central time. I was curious about where he was teaching so I did some research. He teaches in China! Here is a link to his blog The Thinking Stick. In 20 minute I traveled from Missouri to Los Angeles to Shanghai, China.

So I guess my question is: Where did you go this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and for subscribing to my blog. Just to be clear, Creating Lifelong Learners is my blog. Teaching in the Inner City is another teacher's blog but I like it a lot.

Ed said...

Hmm, I've visited with Ian in Austrailia and Vincent in France. St. Jerome in 400 AD, the parthenon in 400 BC. George Washington at Fort necessity in 1765, and a gamer's high school of the furture. What a week!