Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Comments4Kids for September 9, 2009

Today we will be visiting a new blog, RBS 4th Grade Blog. These fourth graders have written stories that we want to leave encouraging comments on. The comment section is in a different format than we are used to so you will need to pay attention to how to write the comments. We will again be going to Mrs. Guest's blog, Year 5 Adair and Guest, to read and comment on students' stories. Finally we are going to the Room 6 Cyber Kids blog and look at some student created animation

RBS 4th Grade

Year 5 Adair and Guest
Year 5 Adair and Guest Page 2

Room 6 Cyber Kids

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is just amazing. I cannot believe how technology has changed the classroom. My daughter teaches 3rd grade in Huntsville, TX and I am going to tell her about how interesting your classroom must be.

Vickie Haltom