Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stuff We Did Friday

The day started off quickly with a Skype interview with Dr. Luann Lee, a former marine biologist, who now teaches high school science. Dr. Lee helped answer questions about what types of plants and animals were appropriate for the classroom aquarium. Apparently squids and sharks would not be a good match, sorry Julian and Jesse. :( I think her most important piece of advice was to ask a lot of questions from the pet store we choose our fish from. 

We reviewed our division work from Thursday and learned our problem solving model KQPS. We will discuss this model later.

We also spent some time today discussing ways to learn. We talked briefly about how some people seem to learn better visually, aurally, or through movement. It seems that there are a lot of us that learn best either visually or through movement. This is great information for us to know so we can learn how we can adapt our learning to better suit our needs.

We also spent some time doing Sustained Silent Reading. Some of us had trouble staying on task. Reading, like any skill takes practice. It is vital that we spend some time every day reading silently, typically when we need answers to questions we will have to find them through reading whether it be a book, magazine, or internet site. We cannot not practice this very valuable skill.

Monday is a sad day for me, we will be splitting our 6th grade into different groups for reading and math. While I am excited to be meeting a bunch of new students, I am sorry to be losing (for a few hours) the ones that I have.

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