Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Taking Our Aquarium's Temperature

Here is what we are doing tomorrow in science. We are experimenting with the water temperature in our aquarium. Here is how we are going to proceed.

  • Problem- What is the temperature of the aquarium's water throughout the day?
  • Background Knowledge- oxygen in water, carbon dioxide in water, it is fresh water
  • Hypothesis- Students created their own hypothesis.
  • Research- None for this experiment
  • Materials- thermometer, aquarium with water
  • Method  
  1. Put thermometer in water.
  2. Velcro the thermometer inside the aquarium.
  3. Wait ten minutes before reading the thermometer.
  4. Read the temperature on the thermometer.
  5. Record the time and the temperature on the table on the white board.
  6. Turn on the aquarium light.
  7. Read the temperature on the thermometer.
  8. Record the time and temperature.
  9. Repeat until the end of school.
  • Conclusion- Done after the experiment.
  • Extensions- Done after the experiment.

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