Monday, November 24, 2008

Blogging Tiger Winner for Writing

Just Dessert
by Nathan

Once there was a little girl named July. She was picky and spoiled.Her and her mom went to a store to get a pumpkin to make a pie. When they got to the store July said there`s a ton of pumpkins to pick from! after 30 minutes they had picked a pumpkin and went home. were making the pie. as July`s mom lowered the knife and the pumpkin started to glow but when she lowered the knife lowered the knife more the pumpkin just kept getting brighter but as the knife punchered the pumpkin it stopped glowing.
The next day they woke up to glass breaking, it was their neighbors. They had went to the same store as July and her mom. They were screaming.
July had found out that they were pranks the store had put out.

Congratulations, Nathan for winning the Blogging Tiger Award for Writing. This story was based on The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg


Room 9 @ Pt England School said...

Congratulations Nathan on winning a great award for your writing. That was a very interesting piece to read. Did you get a prize? How long did it take to write what you did?
Keep up the great work.

gavin said...

Congratulations on winning Nathan nice story i liked it.I wish i can write that good