Monday, November 24, 2008

Colonial House by PBS

The Colonial House times were difficult.Some reasons why they they were difficult was because they came at the wrong time of year.The women had to stay on the ship 1 month after the men went to set up the houses for the village.The women had break downs from time to time because they suffered.

The women had to deal with more things than the men.They had to make food, milk the goats,make the bread,take care of the garden,and clean the house.But some men had almost the same job as the women because they were indentured servants.They had to work for other family's for a certain amount of time like two or more years.

The Colonial House people had to work together in order to survive this hard time.There were children who were in risk to death because they got very sick sometimes.The governor had a death in the family so he had to go back.But he came back to the village.The things that they did were stressful but they made it .

by Slendy

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