Saturday, November 01, 2008

Is Fear a Factor for You?

We held our sixth annual Fear Factor contest on Halloween.

The second contest was singing karaoke during lunch period. We had one student drop out when he couldn't keep up with MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This".

Our last contest was to see who could eat a jar of frozen broccoli and chicken baby food. Yengshi was declared the winner! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

I saw you commented on my blog. I really wish I could post my story in a funny voice but my teacher said we had to make it basic because it was for school.

sarah said...

no fear is not a factor for me

Anonymous said...

Hey we really liked your sasa it was awesome and funny in a good way. Use guys learn very fast its nice to learn different stuff from different cultures.

Douglas,T.j,John. Room Six,
Tamaki Intermediate School
Auckland, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C
My fav food is tomatoes because they're sooo juicy and delicious but my second fav food is chocolate and lollies.

Saul said...

Fear Factor was cool.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Fear Factor was cool,and also grows.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C,
That fear factor looks like fun.
But I'd wouldn't eat that stuff.
From Emily, 45r.

Anonymous said...

Frozen brocoli and baby chicken food !!?!?! We enjoyed looking at the expressions on everyones faces, I hope Mr wasnt laughing too much when he filmed it!
Room Six

Anonymous said...

Just one bite and my stomach was hurting. Im the girl in the red.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr C

Its katie again from brisbane australia the fear factor thing looks awesome. please leave a comment on my blog and tell me what it is.

p.s here is my blog url.

Anonymous said...

Woow! I doesn't look a bit gross but I am sure it did not taste good.