Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Edublog Nominee: Tamaki Today

I am nominating for an Edublog Award Tamaki Today for Best Educational Use of Video/Visual.

Although I just discovered this blog in the last couple months, I am amazed by the volume and quality of videos created by the students of Room Six from Tamaki Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand. The students use this blog to not only inform the community about what is taking place, but also as a way to educate others about the culture, customs, and language of New Zealand.

My class was very fortunate to learn from the blog how to Sasa, a Samoan Slap Dance. We created our own Sasa for them to use in a video they are presenting. This is the first international project my class has been involved in.

I would really like for Tamaki Today to receive the attention they deserve and that is why I am nominating them.

Mr. C


Unknown said...

I like your blog very much.You have a lot of interesting activities with students. I think your school life is very interesting. As for Tamaki blog, I think it's interesting and has much information.
Larisa Tarasevich and students Russia

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that I was in the audience at the Mnaiaklani film festival in Auckland NZ today and saw your students' contribution to the Tamaki Today Samoan Sasa and we all thought you guys were cool. Good on you for giving it a go - and making such a great job of it.
Dorothy Burt

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nominating our blog for this, I spoke to the children about this and they were absolutely thrilled to be nominated. Thank you for your support.

Wm Chamberlain said...

@tamakitoday You site blows me away! The amount of video and how you have found a way to make it both creative and educationally sound is very impressive. You deserve to receive whatever attention I can send you.
Mr. C