Saturday, August 26, 2023

50 States Map Test

It is rare that you get a real life example of why learning something in class is worthwhile. This isn't the only, or even best reason, to learn where countries are, but it might keep you from being embarrassed as an adult.

If you are unfamiliar, Geography Now is a great resource to learn facts about countries. Unfortunately there is no video on the United States yet, they are working alphabetically down the list, we are lucky a video was created on the 50 states. We will watch this about mid-way through today's lesson. 


The first activity will be for you to label a paper map of the 50 states. Afterwards play the game below and see how well you do. Let me know what your first score is so I can record it.

We will take an assessment of the 50 states next week. Make sure you spend some time reviewing, you don't want to end up looking dumb in a Jimmy Kimmel video, do you?

EQCan you identify the 50 states?




  • Label a map of the 50 states


  • Where are the 50 states located?


  • Post Assessment 50 States Quiz


  • You will have a maximum of 3 days in class to prepare for the assessment.
  • The map is a study aid. It is not for a grade.
  • Working with a partner is encouraged.
  • Assessment is Thursday, August 31. 

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