Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Footsoldier of Birmingham

Look at the picture above.  What are we seeing happen here? Then we will listen to the podcast by Malcolm Gladwell. Is what we believe to have happened what actually happened?

After the lesson you will need to answer these questions:
  1. Can the art we create be used to influence belief systems? 
  2. As we examine the story as well as look at the statue and the picture from which the statue comes, what can we learn about ourselves and how we react based upon what we have learned?
  3. How will this change your view of historical artifacts as we move forward?

Essential Question: Does the Foot Soldier of Birmingham statue have historical value?




  • Is the statue a reliable representation?
  • The statue is a misrepresentation of the facts. Does this matter as an art piece? 



  • During class instruction/work time you will follow all directions.
  • Stay seated and do not talk while listening to the podcast.
  • While working you may talk quietly and go to supply table for supplies.
  • The Foot Soldier of Birmingham Worksheet will be due Tuesday, August 29. You will receive half credit after that date.
  • When finished place the Foot Soldier of Birminghamt Worksheet in the tray.

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