Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The First American Immigrants


The history of the Americas started well before Columbus. Unfortunately, because of the lack of or destruction of written histories, archaeologists have to rely on the discovery of artifacts to further our knowledge of these peoples. In this lesson we will learn about different theories of migration and also discover that this area is constantly changing and updating do to new discoveries. 

Essential Question: Where and when did the first immigrants to the Americas arrive?
  • Review the Kenniwick Man lesson
  • How did the first immigrants come to the Americas?
  • When did the first immigrants come to the Americas?


  • During class instruction/work time you will follow all directions.
  • Stay seated and do not talk while taking the vocabulary assessment.
  • While working you may talk quietly and go to supply table for supplies.
  • The First American Immigrants Worksheet will be due Thursday, August 31. You will receive half credit after that date.
  • When finished place the worksheet in the tray.

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