Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The Silk Road and World Trade

 Map of the Silk Trade Route

Marco Polo's Route

Voyages of Zheng He

The trade routes that we collectively refer to as the Silk Road started as far back as 2,200 years ago. Although the types of trade goods were varied, it is called the Silk Road because of the demand created for silk from China. 

While we may tend to emphasize the economic implications of these trade routes including cities created as stopping points that became wealthy, a much more important trade was taking place throughout this period, the trade of culture. Languages, mathematics, literacy and religion were all shared throughout large areas of the world because of these trade routes. 

Essential Question: What led to the rediscovery of the Americas and its colonization?


  • We know that Columbus 'rediscovered' the Americas, but what events led to the need for this exploration?


  • Why did I include the time stamp for the questions on the video questions?
  • What can you tell from the time stamps?
  • How can you use this information to inform how you approach questions over audio/videos?
  • How did trade drive the sharing of culture?
  • Why did Columbus look west for a route to India?



  • During class instruction/work time you will follow all directions.
  • Stay seated and do not talk while taking the vocabulary assessment.
  • While working you may talk quietly and go to supply table for supplies.
  • The Int'l Commerce #18 Worksheet will be due Tuesday, September 5. You will receive half credit after that date.
  • When finished place the worksheet in the tray.

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