Thursday, August 24, 2023

Kennewick Man: Who is Right?


File:Kennewick Man.jpg
Kennwick Man

Today we will explore the story of Kennewick Man. As you explore the topic keep in mind the following questions:

  • How did this story evolve over time?
  • What eventually happened to Kennewick Man?
  • What should have been done with the remains?
  • What would you want to have done with the remains if they were your ancestor?
  • According to the map below, what indigenous people group use to live here in southwest Missouri? 
  • What should you do if you find the remains of an indigenous person?

Essential Question: Should scientists be allowed to study the remains of indigenous peoples?

Engage: What would you think if a scientist dug up the remains of an ancestor to study?

        own words as well as draw a picture of what that word means to them.
  • On occasion, archaeologists have dug up the remains of ancient Native Americans.
  • Should scientists be allowed to study these remains?
  • Native Americans feel such remains should be immediately reburied according to Native
        American customs.
  • Scientists worry that if reburied, the remains will deteriorate and lose their value
        for present and future scientific study.




  • During class instruction/work time you will follow all directions.
  • Stay seated and do not talk while taking the vocabulary assessment.
  • While working you may talk quietly and go to supply table for supplies.
  • The Kennewick Man Worksheet will be due Wednesday, August 30. You will receive half credit after that date.
  • When finished place the Kennewick Man Worksheet in the tray.

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